Get to know Savudrija

Savudrija-Salvore, with its lighthouse, being well-known as the westernmost point of Croatia, too, is the first tourist resort one comes across when visiting the Croatian part of Istria.

According to the legend, it was named after the German emperor Barbarossa - Otto - who during the sea battle in Savudrija-Salvore in 1177 against the allied fleet of the Pope Alexander III tried to hide in a water cistern. ‘Salvo re’ (the saved king) became thus a toponym Salvore or Savudrija-Salvore.

Tourism activities of the Bujština region have their roots in this area. It was Savudrija-Salvore, which was chosen by Austro-Hungarians to be one of the destinations for their holidays and curing. Many villas and summer residences located near the sea prove that in those times numerous tourists had been resting and gathering strength here, as they are doing nowadays.

Along with a tourist complex and a hotel, pleasant accommodation can be found in private houses, as well. Friendly landlords offer accommodation in comfortable bungalows, apartments and rooms with modern furnishings and conveniences along the whole coast of Savudrija-Salvore at the very sea coast or just a little further from it. The properties are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which is offering special atmosphere for a pleasant stay during the whole year.

Bike trails passing by numerous historical remnants of Roman buildings and a rich gastronomic offer are only some of the attractions for summer holidays in Savudrija-Salvore. 

Over the last years the lighthouse in Savudrija-Salvore, built in 1818, the oldest one on the Adriatic coast, has become a famous sightseeing point and a place for accommodation of guests, as well.