Fažana - Pula

Get to know Fažana - Pula

„A magical little place“

Fažana is a picturesque fishing town on southwestern coast of the Istrian peninsula situated near the ancient town of Pula ideal for relaxation and recreation.  It is also the port from where you can reach the Brijuni Islands National Park, the well-known Earth’s paradise.

Families with children will find beautiful beaches and playgrounds, recreation enthusiasts various sports facilities, quality food lovers numerous restaurants and nature lovers the beautiful seaside promenade where everyone can enjoy sunsets and sea air.

Fažana is a place rich in history and culture, where you can enjoy in numerous concerts and events. Galleries and shops with local products are situated in small and picturesque stone paved streets.

The unavoidable symbol of Fažana is the pilchard which you cannot miss during your stay in Fažana. It can be found in fishing net in the port, restaurants and events dedicated to this blue fish, on the promenade of the Pilchard road at the waterfront and in the Pilchard Park!

Numerous important people from the world of science, culture, film, fashion and sports have walked along the Fažana waterfront and enjoyed its beauty and tranquility. The coast of the Brijuni Islands has stayed in memory of 90 presidents from 60 countries, as well as numerous movie stars which were guests of Josip Broz Tito in his residential villas on the islands.

Italian writer and film director Pier Paolo Pasolini named Fažana "A magical little place", during his stay in Istria. Fažana is a tourist destination which offers authentic experience by the sea.